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Themed Guitars and Combos

This page is dedicated to guitars and guitar/amplifier combos that are a little bit different from your traditional Cigar Box Guitars.  These guitars are all unique and remind us that music can be created from almost anything if you have a bit of imagination and some time!!

The Skull

Fashioned from a vintage silver serving tray, the Skull guitar has turned a lot of heads. 

The guitar is a 4 string, fretted, and fully electric model using a 25.5″ scale.  The skull theme is carried on throughout the guitar using skull shaped tuning pegs and skull shaped volume/tone control knobs.  Even the headstock is skull shaped and has a skull & crossbones emblem mounted above the 1961 Canadian nickel.  Aged brass accents and brass screws have been added to contrast the worn silver finish.  The guitar body is a semi hollow style and matches the skull shape perfectly!  It even comes complete with a skull shot glass, a skull themed strap, and a couple of skull picks.  What more could you need?

Sold to Peter

(Amplifier and model not included)

Jack Daniels Guitar & Amplifier Combo

Nothing says “Blues” like the Deep South.  And nothing says “Deep South” like Jack Daniels.

This guitar and amplifier combo holds a few cool surprises that will take busking to a whole new level! 

This JD themed guitar is a 3 string fretless model and is quite simple in design right down to the rope strap. The pickup is wired directly to the 1/4″ cable jack allowing the amplifier to be the only adjustment for sound control. The F-holes are very traditional and allow this guitar to project well acoustically. A few brass accents, a scarf jointed Red Oak neck, and classic graphics are all that are needed.

The amplifier is where the secret lies.  The amp is a repurposed practise amp cleverly mounted into a Junction brand cigar case.  A few vinyl stickers make it part of the JD family.  Very cool looking on its own….however, open it up and find a perfectly hidden mini bar with your own small bottle of Jack, a can of Coke, a shot glass, and a couple of tumblers (in case you want to share)!  Absolutely one of the most unique ideas yet!

Sold to George

(Sold as guitar/amp combo only)

Steampunk Guitar & Amplifier Combo

How can you not be intrigued by the Steampunk genre? There just doesn’t seem to be any rules which make it perfect for guitar building!

This combo features the abstract and industrial finishings that are typical of Steampunk art. The guitar is a 3 string fretless electric model and is scaled to 25.5″.  The typical Victorian era hardware parts used on this build were all sourced from vintage shops and second hand stores.  The paint effects give it that dirty, industrial revolution look that is so easily recognized in the world of Steampunk.  Every time you look at it, you find something else that was unseen before.  It is truly an amazing work of art!

The amplifier is the perfect mate.  It is a vintage 1950’s era radio case outfitted with various fittings, gears, and other odd items to give it that futuristic, yet 19th century feel.  This amp is equipped with a small wattage, 9 volt amplifier chip.  It is complete with volume, gain, and tone controls, an earphone jack, guitar cable jack, and LED indicator light.  Although not overly loud, these low wattage amps are capable of producing enough growl for jamming on the couch or sitting around the campfire. Unique and definitely one of a kind!!

Sold (Anonymous)

Harley Davidson License Plate Guitar

The Harley Davidson License Plate Guitar speaks for itself.  An iconic brand and a collector’s dream.  This guitar has it all.  

Nothing but black and chrome….from the body to the tuners.  The guitar body is a custom made wooden box with a license plate top which gives it a bit of a “resonator” sound when played.  The full electrics give it the extra capacity when plugged in to an amplifier.  The HD theme is prevalent throughout the guitar build.  With its 25.5″ scale, this fully fretted 3 string guitar is made to play “Born to be Wild”!  Check out the crazy bridge made from a piece of old sprocket.  Outfitted with a HD keychain, a HD emblem on the Maple/Mahogany headstock, and the HD sticker on the back, this one is ready for the open highway.  Comes complete with a pro strap and a wooden motorcycle!!

Sold to Adam

Sarge Guitar & Ammo Can Amp

The Sarge guitar is the perfect addition to any man cave in the country.  Nothing says testosterone more than guns and ammo.  

This combo is a fun little 3 string slide guitar with an ammunition can amplifier painted in a very cool camouflage pattern.  The guitar is a standard 25.5″ scale and features a neck made from an old military crate.  The nut and bridge are shell casings and the strap came from a WWII era Enfield rifle. The amplifier is a low wattage, 9 volt amp chip which powers the 4″ speaker.  A very cool combo for the gun lover or military buff!

Sold to Diane

Star Wars

Who doesn’t love Star Wars! 

This is by far one of my most popular creations so far.  This 3 string fretless acoustic guitar was fashioned from a Star Wars lunch box.  The design gives the appearance of a blue light sabre plunged through the guitar body (lunch box).  Imagination was the key to this build as the parts that make up the light sabre are items that were found right in my shop. The light sabre handle is made from an old flashlight with gold pinstripe tape, black rubber o-rings, and assorted drawer knobs.  Add in a few vintage car radio knobs, a sink strainer, an old broom handle, and you have an amazing tribute to the Star Wars franchise!

Sold to James

The Centenary Guitar and L'il Nipper Amplifier

You don’t see these every day…especially in this great condition.  This 1958 British Columbia License Plate Guitar and Amplifier is a special combination.

The guitar is a 3 string fretted electric model outfitted with a humbucker style pickup that gives it a bit of a growl when amplified.  The tone control is an old car radio knob and the tailpiece is a cupboard hinge.  The scarf jointed neck is Black Walnut and is contrasted with Orange Padauk accents on the headstock, nut, and bridge for a splash of colour. The tuners are a black/chrome combination and the ’61 nickel is intact.

The amplifier is a vintage RCA Victor “L’il Nipper” radio case converted into a 9 volt low wattage amplifier.  The battery operation allows for portability and is great for evenings at the beach, sitting around a campfire, or just jamming on the couch.  the control knobs are also salvaged from old car radios and the vintage brass door pull makes for a great carrying handle.

Sold to Matt