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The Vintage Series

The Cigar Box Guitar has a long and colourful history with roots going all the way back to the 1840’s. These often crude and primitive instruments were created through necessity as the poor people who built them couldn’t afford “real” instruments.

The “Vintage Series” is my personal tribute to those early makers of Cigar Box Guitars. These limited edition guitars, although outfitted with electric components and modern tuners, are specially created to look old and worn as if from many years of playing music on a front porch, around a campfire, or while riding the rails across the country.

NOTE: This series of guitar sells quickly!!!  This page will be updated often.  Guitars that have sold will be removed and new guitars added as they become available.


“Pandora” is number 24 in the Vintage Series. 

She is a vintage Red Cedar cigar box with the original vibrant Pandora label still in excellent condition. These cedar boxes are a bit delicate but they produce a very warm tone which makes them a favourite for building guitars.  This guitar has a Red Oak neck with some Maple and Walnut accents on the headstock.  The fretboard is locally sourced Flame Maple as is the pickup cover and the cable jack plate.  The bridge is made from English Walnut, the nut is a halved domino, and the tailpiece is a vintage brass hinge. I even salvaged the “Pandora” name from a part of the box that was cut out for the installation of the neck and mounted it on the guitar top.

Pandora is is fully fretted on a 25.5″ scale and is currently tuned to an open G chord.  The pickup is wired directly to the guitar cable jack and really transfers the warmth of the box to the amplifier.  A very nice vintage series cigar box guitar!!



“Dessa” is such a great name for a cigar box guitar. However, spoiler alert……there is no connection to the popular Rap singer by the same name.  This “Dessa” is named for the iridescent colouration found on the tarnished copper accents on this guitar.

Dessa is number 27 in the Vintage Series and features those extremely popular hand hammered copper accent pieces.  These handmade parts are certainly worth the extra time that goes into these guitar builds.  It just makes them look so much more authentic in my humble opinion! 

Dessa has the usual distressed and worn look to her that are typical in my vintage series guitars.  The single, hand cut f-hole is a classic design and the old brass cupboard door hinge makes a great tailpiece. No detail is too small on this guitar.  The pickup cover and control knobs have been painted to appear like tarnished copper and even the screw heads are touched up with copper paint.  

The neck is Black Walnut and features a really nice Red Oak fretboard with Birch fret dots inlayed in all the right locations.  

This old girl is a standard 25.5″ scale and is tuned to an open G which is the most popular tuning for these instruments.  Fully electric with nice low action make this guitar a ton of fun to play!



“Jill” is number 29 in the Vintage Series.

Jill is a simple design but don’t let that fool you.  She has a single coil pickup wired directly to the output jack which give this guitar a very warm, buttery tone.  She sounds really amazing through an amplifier with clean settings.  

She features the usual worn and weathered cigar box body and two ‘perfectly imperfect’, hand cut F-holes for sound.  All of the accents have an antique brass finish including the hinge tailpiece and the drawer pull acting as a carrying handle. 

The neck is Black Walnut and features highly figured Walnut on the headstock wings.  The fretboards is Red Oak and has Birch fret dots inlayed in the appropriate locations.

Jill is set up on a Strat scale of 25.5″ and is currently tuned to an open G chord.  The action is set nice and low which make this guitar a dream to play.

Sold to Hannah

Two Foot

“Two Foot” is number 31 in the Vintage Series and has a bit of an odd moniker.

Two Foot is named for the scale length of the guitar.  Most of my guitars are based on a 25.5″ scale length but occasionally I make a few shorter versions such as Two Foot, which is… guessed it……a 24″ scale. These shorter scale guitars are a bit easier to make chord shapes if you are a younger player of someone with smaller hands or shorter fingers.  The shorter scale makes it just a little bit more comfortable and doesn’t require as much stretching of the fingers.

Two Foot is a bit different in other ways.  It has a simple single coil pickup wired directly to the cable jack.  The sound holes are a bit funkier than the the traditional F-holes you see on most of my guitars and you may notice that the cable jack has purposely been installed inside out (I like to break the odd rule).

The headstock and tailstock shapes mimic the door handle escutcheon plate mounted to the front of the guitar body.  A well worn finish gives this guitar that authentic vintage look and feel.

The neck is Maple and has lighter Walnut wings added to the headstock where that ’61 nickel hangs out. The fretboard is also Walnut and has Red Oak fret dots installed.

Two Foot is fully fretted and set up with low action for ease of playing in a finger style.  This is a fun little guitar and has a slightly higher tone due to the shorter scale length.  Lots of fun to play.