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Amplifiers and Other Unique Things

This page is the source for unique amplifiers and other oddities made from repurposed objects with the intention of capturing that amazing vintage style!

Whether it’s a bit “dirty” or “gritty”, each amplifier has its own sound.  They are as unique as the design!!

The Spartan

The Spartan amplifier is small, it’s portable, and it’s durable.  

Fashioned from an old Spartan radio case, the original Tolex covering provides a ton of durability but still shows the battle scars from years of use.  Driven by a low wattage amplifier kit, this unit produces enough sound to sit around a campfire with some friends and play some Blues!

The controls are all up front and have been mounted on a rusty steel plate where the original tuning needle would be.  Volume and tone controls, an LED indicator light, guitar cable jack, and earphone jack are all you need.  A door pull mounted on top as a carrying handle completes the amplifier.



Sometimes I stumble across the funkiest old radios in my travels.  “Rincon” is one of those!!

This 60’s era Rincon radio was pretty much destined for the landfill but I rescued it and turned it into this awesome little guitar amplifier.

Powered by a 9 volt battery, the low wattage amplifier chip drives this unit and produces a ton of sound while still allowing for portability. Battery change is a breeze by accessing the 9 volt battery from the back panel.

It features three settings; Blues (clean sound), Rock (more gain and some distortion), and Metal (total grit with lots of crunch). There are separate volume and tone controls, an LED indicator light, and an earphone jack. The wooden panel on the front of the amplifier is actually a piece of the back panel of an old unplayable, donor guitar. And finally, a vintage brass drawer pull was added as a carrying handle.  

All you need is a Cigar Box Guitar to complete the whole package!!

Sold to Chantal and Andrew

Drum Lamps

Another interesting fun fact about me…..I love drums!!  Especially vintage drums (big surprise).

Occasionally I end up with an orphan drum that may be damaged or unplayable due to being out of round.  It seemed wrong to just toss them away so I looked for a way to up-cycle them into something more interesting and useful.  Thus, the idea of a drum lamp was discovered. 

I had a collection of vintage microphone stands and parts lying around the shop as well as a few of these old drums.  Together they make amazing and functional art pieces that are perfect for any music room, a home recording studio, or just as stage props at your favourite venue!!

The cast iron microphone bases make them very stable and the adjustability make them quite versatile.  Outfitted with “Edison” style light bulbs for that vintage look, these lamps have such a cool vibe as the light is filtered through the well worn drum skins.  

Limited quantity available. Please email for details on availability.

Guitar Hangers

These guitar hangers are perfect for displaying your Cigar Box Guitar from 61 Nickel Guitars!

Each one is made from salvaged or excess wood scraps that would typically be destined for the landfill or the wood stove. They feature plastic coated metal U-hooks that cradle the guitar neck perfectly.  Each hanger comes with two pre-drilled countersunk holes complete with mounting screws and drywall inserts.  The glossy finish is achieved with multiple coats of durable polyurethane. Various species of woods are used and availability is dependant on what woods are currently being used in the shop.

These are a must for any CBG collector!!

Size is approximately 3″ wide X 4″ high x 3/4″ thick.

$15 each