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Cigar Box Guitars

This page contains Cigar Box Guitars currently available for sale.  

The page will be updated as products are sold and added. Please check back often to see the updates as new guitars are always being created.

My Father's Son

“My Father’s Son” is a special guitar to me.  It simply reminds me of family….and family is good.

My Father’s Son was actually built a couple of years ago.   It has been hiding in my personal guitar collection and never publicly offered for sale until now.  

It’s a stunning guitar featuring a hand carved neck made from some of the most beautifully figured Flame Maple.  The neck is carved into a very comfortable shape which makes the neck extremely fast (well….as fast as I am anyway).  The highly figured Black Walnut fretboard with Maple fret dots is also a beautiful addition.  

The rest of the guitar is very simple in design to keep focus on the beauty of the cigar box and the neck.  A humbucker pickup pushes a deeper, warmer tone with the tone and volume controls located conveniently nearby.  The handmade bridge and the control knobs are also made from the same woods used for the neck.

My Father’s Son is fully fretted to 24 frets (2 octaves) and has amazing action and intonation.  it is tuned to Open G tuning and is one of the. most comfortable guitars to play that I have ever made.

Sometimes simple is simply the best.



“Torpedo” is the name for this hybrid creation!

I wanted to figure out a way to utilize the smaller, thinner cigar boxes that I have in my collection.  They are typically not deep enough to use as a traditional cigar box guitar body so I think this idea is the perfect solution.

The thinner box has had two corners cut off and mounted to the much larger cigar box body.  The result is a “V” shape body that is a bit reminiscent of the Flying V style of guitar that we all know and love.

I decided to leave the natural finish and colouration on both boxes which gives Torpedo its rich wood tone look.  The neck is made from locally grown Big Leaf Maple and the fretboard is made from locally grown English Walnut. 

Torpedo features all chrome accents including a “Snake Oil” style of pickup.  The bridge is a homemade design and is fully adjustable for perfect intonation and action.  This is a fully fretted, electric guitar set up on a 25-1/2″ scale length.  Torpedo is tuned to an open G and sounds really cool with that unique pickup.  

Deep, rich tone with a deep rich finish!!



“Tommy” sounds like a great name for a rock opera, doesn’t it?  With this guitar you could easily start writing your very own rock opera but with a different name…..Tommy has already been done.

Tommy is a really great sounding guitar!  The 3 pole single coil pickup delivers a really nice tone which suits the cigar box theme.  The volume and tone controls are within easy reach.  He is a fully fretted guitar set up on a 25-1/2″ scale length makes him comfortable to play.  The solid wooden guitar box body with the Walnut neck and Maple fretboard keep the colour light and the brass accents keep it bright. 

Tommy is tuned to an open G tuning and has nice low action with great intonation,

A really fun guitar to play.



“Joya” is an another fine example of a great playing cigar box guitar.

She is made from a beautifully patterned cigar box featuring black and silver colours.  I decided the guitar should also have black and silver colours on all the electrics, the tuners, and even the carrying handle made from an old drawer handle. A Maple neck with Black Walnut headstock wings and a very nicely figured Big Leaf Maple fretboard make this guitar look amazing!

“Joya” has a bright sounding single coil pickup with separate volume and tone controls.  She is set up on a 25-1/2″ scale length and is tuned to the ever popular Open G tuning.  She is fully fretted to 24 frets, has low action, and excellent intonation.

This beauty is really a great option for someone looking for an easy playing guitar!  


Project 40

“Project 40” is a really fun guitar to play.  The “40” on the cigar box lid was the inspiration for this build.  The antique brass accents that I used were chosen to match that number.  

“Project 40″ is fully fretted and fully electric.  This 3 string guitar is tuned to Open G and is set up on a 25-1/2” scale length.  The flat wound pickup nestled under the antiqued brass pickup cover gives this guitar a really bright tone.  On board volume and tone controls provide easy access for adjusting while on the fly.  Low action and great intonation make this guitar a dream to play,

The neck is solid Maple with some Black Walnut wings on the headstock.  The fretboard is Black Walnut and the bridge is Maple.  The tailpiece is also Maple with a Walnut top to match the neck and fretboard.  

This is a great sounding 3 string cigar box guitar!


Placencia II

“Placencia II” the perfect guitar for trying your hand at playing some Blues with a slide.

Designed as a fretless cigar box guitar, Placencia II is easy to play and easy to learn on.  Like all my fretless guitars, the fret locations are wood burned into the top edge of the neck for easy player reference.  This helps the player “learn” the location of the note as they train their ear to listen for the right pitch as they slide up to the note.

Placencia II is a fully electric guitar set up on a 25-1/2″ scale length.  The single coil pickup gives a brighter tone and sounds far superior than the piezo style pickups found on other guitars.  Volume and tone controls are within easy reach making this one a lot of fun to play….just plug into an amp and play!

A light Maple neck with a figured Maple fretboard add some nice contrast to the darker cigar box body.  This guitar is a great starter for anyone wanting to get into the world of slide guitar.


Macanudo Blanco

“Macdanudo Blanco” is the perfect guitar for you to get your Blues on!

Completely fretless, this 3 string electric guitar is the perfect slide guitar for playing all those old Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson tunes! “Macanudo Blanco” is a full 25-1/2″ scale and is currently tuned to an Open G.  The magnetic wound pickup is wired directly to the cable jack and offers a nice, bright tone.  The handmade floating bridge is fully adjustable by turning the nuts at the base which raises or lowers the action. 

The guitar has a simple design.  The neck is locally harvested (ethically of course) Big Leaf Maple with a slice of  Flame Maple for a fretboard.  The fretboard offers two full octaves of playability and that means lots of room to really show off your chops!  The black fret dots have been added for player reference making it easier to slide up to your note.

A great guitar for anyone wanting to get started in the world of Cigar Box Guitars.



“Patty” is a pretty traditional cigar box guitar.

Patty has everything you need for making great music!  Her body is made from a very cool Punch cigar box with some of my favourite colours of red, gold, and black. Her body is made from Black Walnut and her fretboard is made from local Maple.

She features a fully fretted 25-1/2″ scale length with low action and really easy playability. She has a single coil pickup with volume and tone controls within easy reach.  Her tone is quite bright when plugged in but she also has a pretty good voice even when unplugged and played acoustically thanks to a few added sound holes.

:Patty is the perfect guitar for anyone wanting to get a traditional style cigar box guitar with great tone and action!!




“Shadow” features one of the most desirable cigar boxes I typically come across. The famous Cohiba cigar box with the silhouetted female head profile are always a favourite among people looking for a traditional style of cigar box guitar.  These well crafted wooden boxes are great for making guitars and this one was perfect.

Shadow is simple in design and really just showcases the rich Mahogany cigar box and the chrome accents.  A strong Red Oak neck with a Black Walnut fretboard make this guitar easy for both finger style picking and regular strumming..  The zero fret keeps the action low and the intonation spot on.  A humbucker style pickup adds warmth to her tone and the volume and tone controls are easy to reach. She is tuned to the popular Open G tuning and has a very comfortable 25-1/2″ scale length.

This is another great example of a traditional cigar box guitar but with a modern twist and quality workmanship.


DT Series

The Don Tomas series are traditional cigar box guitars made from the colourful collection of Don Tomas boxes.  These boxes are among my favourites for making guitars.  They are a perfect size and come in a number of different colours.

Each guitar features a single coil pickup that produces a nice bright tone as well as volume and tone controls within easy reach for the player. Sound holes with chrome grommets have been added for style but they do provide a bit more acoustic quality when unplugged.  Chrome box corners, chrome hinge tailpieces, and chrome carrying handles complete the design.  

Although the. main components are the same, each neck boasts a back angled scarf joint and each one has been hand carved from Red Oak.  The fretboards have been chosen for their colour or grain pattern.  Maple fretboards have been added to the Azul (Blue) and the Gris (Gray) guitars and the Amarillo (Yellow) guitar gets a nice fretboard made from Yellow Cedar.  Each headstock is unique in shape and design but they all feature Black Walnut headstock wings.  That 1961 Canadian Nickel is also proudly displayed in each one!!

Fully electric and fully fretted, this series has 25-1/2′ scale length and are currently tuned to open G tuning.  They all have zero fret nut systems providing low action and awesome intonation.  They are similar but so different in many ways. 

A quality built cigar box guitar designed in the traditional way!

DT Azul (Blue) – $500

DT Amarillo (Yellow) – $500

DT Gris (Gray) – $500