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The Live Edge Series

The Live edge Series features the natural live edge beauty of wood found in the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island.  These live edge (natural edge) woods are ethically harvested from diseased or damaged trees that have to be cut down for safety reasons.  The larger pieces are highly desired by furniture makers for their unique grain patterns and colour.

This series is the unique marriage of traditional cigar box guitars combined with the natural beauty of British Columbia grown hardwood.

Note: This is a limited series and inventory is based on the availability of materials.

***************NOTE: THIS SERIES IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT***************

Over The Edge

“Over the Edge” is the third guitar featured in the Live Edge Series.

Staying true to the live edge wood and cigar box body design, this guitar is another example of beautiful wood grain married to a cigar box guitar which creates some amazing functional art!

Over The Edge has a single coil pickup wired directly to the cable jack.  This is one of my favourite pickups due to the bright tones and clean sound when plugged in to your favourite amplifier.  a couple of hand cut f-holes flank the embossed Cuban cigar box logo on the guitar body.

The neck is Red Oak and the fretboard is Rosewood.  The live edge wood is locally gown Flame Maple and is featured throughout the guitar.  The headstock wings, the pick up cover, and the bridge are all from the same tree!  

This fully fretted, 3 string guitar is set up on a 25.5″ scale and is currently tuned to the very popular open G tuning. The action is low and makes chord shapes and fingerboard play easy and fun.

This is one of. my favourite sounding 3 string electric guitars!

Sold to Cairo

Playing on the Edge

“Playing on the Edge” is number 5 in the Live Edge series and features some really amazing Spalted Maple woodgrain throughout the guitar.

The colour variation on the Maple used to frame the cigar box guitar body is very prominent on this guitar.  The same black spalting is evident on the fretboard and the headstock wings. The neck is made from Red Oak and the bridge is handmade from quilted Maple with a gorgeous wavy grain pattern. A couple of hand cut f-holes balance the guitar body and give it that vintage look that is so desirable on these Cigar Box Guitars.

This guitar features simple electrics and utilizes one of my favourite single coil pickups wired directly to the cable jack.  The pickup has a nice, bright tone and it works so well with this style of build. This fully fretted, 25.5″ scale guitar is tuned to an open G chord and has nice, low action and great intonation. 

Sold to Jessica

Edge of Desire

“Edge of Desire” is number 7 in the Live Edge series and has a great overall “guitar like” shape.

The gnarly shape of the live edge Maple was purposely chosen to create a shape similar to a traditional guitar body.  The end result is rather unique and definitely beautiful!  The addition of a quilted Maple fretboard with its own unique colours and grain patterns make this guitar very desirable.  A Red Oak neck for strength and stability and a simple bow tie style of bridge add to the overall beauty of the wood theme.

The single coil pickup is wired directly to the cable jack and cleverly mounted in a rusty old flat washer. A couple of imperfectly perfect hand cut F-holes add to the charm. The guitar is a fully fretted 3 string, set up on a 25.5″ scale and currently tuned to an open G chord.  The action is low and even and make this guitar very easy to play. The intonation is excellent thanks to the use of a “zero fret” in place of a traditional nut.  

I really do like this one a lot!

Sold to Tom